Powered by enterprise technology and designed for ultimate ease of use, Halo Grow allows you to:

  • Create 360-degree surveys with your own competencies or choose from our free library
  • Easy to use interactive participant reports with development plans and pulse ‘check-ins’
  • Powerful Data Insights – Understand and analyse group feedback and competency development trends

Self-managed Competency Assessment Platform

  • Build feedback surveys using your own competencies or choose from our extensive library
  • Design your own rating scales, participant types and email communications
  • Distribute and manage assessments easily using Halo Grow’s powerful Project dashboard
  • Release reports to participants quickly and securely

Powerful, User-friendly Reporting

  • Online interactive and mobile-friendly participant reports make interpretation easy and engaging
  • AI-Driven ‘Virtual Coach’ streamlines the debrief process for participants and managers alike 
  • Link development options and coaching tips to competencies 
  • Post-assessment ‘pulse’ check-in’s support ongoing development and behaviour change

Data Insights

  • Data Insights turns organisational assessment data into meaningful metrics that brings data to life
  • Easily identify organisational strengths, development needs, and the critical competencies most frequently selected for development
  • Compare results over time and across teams or functions to measure the effects of development on key competencies

Start your 360-degree feedback journey today!

Halo Feedback resources and articles

Discover the story of Halo Feedback - the powerful technology behind Halo Grow.

Halo Feedback is the competency assessment platform that delivers rich insights into organisational development needs and prioritises critical learning for individuals and teams.

If you’re an organisation that requires this rich functionality, but have limited assessment needs, Halo Grow allows you to quickly and easily build, distribute and report on competency based feedback initiatives with ease.

Experience a premium trial of Halo Grow. You’ll gain full access to the platform including 5 complimentary reports. No credit card is required.

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