Profiling Online is now Halo Feedback – The Platform for Measuring People Development

Sydney, Australia

For over 21 years, Profiling Online has provided partners with a competency assessment platform that’s intuitive, delivers deep insights and seamlessly supports ongoing growth and development.

This week they’re opening a new chapter with a rebrand from Profiling Online – introducing Halo Feedback.

Halo Feedback makes sophisticated yet simple competency assessment software that fuels capability development for individuals, teams and organisations.

Said Tom Power, CEO of Halo Feedback, ‘We started 21 years ago with a determined view that competency assessment processes were difficult to implement and lacked the technology to make them more widely adapted and usable. Focusing on innovative technology development, we’ve come a long way to now be a recognised leader globally in feedback and assessment technology. The change to ‘Halo Feedback’ starts us on our next journey. We continue to evolve our platform to inspire our user’s understanding and application of feedback as a powerful driver to personal and professional development’

Users will experience a brand new website, and our platform will evolve with unique new features, external integrations and powerful data insights. But fundamentally, our clients will continue to use  individual unique capability frameworks to create a beautiful, user-friendly, interactive experience – streamlining the feedback process and eliminating wasteful and complex paper-based reports that traditionally clog the feedback loop.

About Halo Feedback – the Platform for Measuring People Development:

Halo Feedback (formerly Profiling Online) has enabled organisations in their implementation of feedback programs through powerful technology for over 20 years.

Partnering with global leaders, from niche boutique to global powerhouses, Halo Feedback mobilises competency assessments and offers deep insights – they know how to support global companies with complex needs and how to provide simple, smart and impactful solutions.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in Ireland and Singapore, Halo Feedback is an easy to use, contemporary feedback solution that engages users and delivers meaningful data insights and metrics to the organisation.

The new website is www.halo-feedback.com and you can reach the team on info@halo-feedback.com

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