Halo Grow is the most user-friendly 360 degree feedback platform on the market today.

Powered by enterprise technology and designed for ultimate ease of use, Halo Grow allows you to:

  • Create 360-degree surveys using your own competency framework or select competencies from our extensive library
  • Completely manage the feedback process, from survey distribution to report generation
  • Generate online, interactive user reports that are meaningful but digestible

Create your Halo Grow account – try it out and you’ll only need to subscribe when you’re ready to go live. 

The fully functional, self-administered interface allows you to develop and use your own competencies, or select from the extensive leadership competency library available in Halo Grow.

You’ll have the ability to build and distribute an assessment in minutes and own the process from start to finish. You’ll experience Halo Feedbacks’ powerful data insights and our simple yet powerful online interactive reporting.

How Halo Grow works

Watch our demo videos to discover how easy it is to launch and manage your feedback process.

Part One: Discover how easy it is to create a customised 360 degree survey. 

Part Two: Build and launch your project in a few simple steps.

Part Three: Review your results and create meaningful insights. 

Find the perfect solution for your organisation

Take a look at the breakdown of inclusions for your Halo Grow subscription. 

Interested in experiencing the platform for yourself? You can set up, launch and complete a project free of charge – you’ll only be charged when you choose to access your reports. 

100 surveys
175 surveys
250 surveys
450 surveys


Competency assessment builder
Leadership Competency Library
Rate the importance of competencies (Self and Manager only)
Ancillary survey section, add non competency based questions
Create, launch, track and manage 360, 180 and self survey roll outs
Custom email communications
Individual’s PDF feedback report
Display previous scores
Individual’s interactive feedback report
Development prioritisation matrix
Add development interventions to interactive feedback reports
Competency benchmark
Apply report rules to display interactive and custom content based on the individuals results
Coach access to individual’s feedback reports
Manager access to their team’s PDF feedback reports
Manager access to their team’s interactive feedback reports
Group PDF reports
Data Insights – a powerful interactive reporting tool providing company statistics across company survey results
Data Insights, Resource Manager – Measure what individuals are developing , what they should be developing and if it is aligned.
Data Insights, Matrix – workforce planning and comparisons matrix
Data Insights, Connect – analyse data across multiple surveys
Corporate branding of platform based on client design
Direct training and support package

Self-managed competency assessment platform

Create and manage competency assessments using Halo Grow’s simple to use, yet powerful assessment builder. Quickly load your own competencies or choose from our extensive in-built library. Design your own rating scales, participant types, email communications and all other aspects of a successful assessment in minutes.

Distribute and manage assessments easily using Halo Grow’s powerful Project dashboard. Assessments can be scheduled for launch, and reports released to participants with the click on a button. All common administrative tasks that are often cumbersome on other platforms are easily supported on Halo Grow.

Powerful, user-friendly reporting

While PDF reporting is standard with other providers, Halo Grow’s online, interactive reporting is a game-changer for users and managers. Online reports make giving, receiving and understanding feedback easy. Reports are designed to be self-interpretable and show key highlights, strengths, development opportunities and rater breakdowns.

Create a shortlist of developing competencies and access organisational learning and coaching tips. Overlay historical results and benchmarks across individual reports.

Data Insights

Halo Grow’s data insights module turns organisational assessment data into meaningful metrics that bring data to life. Easily identify organisational strengths, development needs, importance compared to capability levels and how users select competencies to develop.

Using Data Insights, organisations can understand what critical priorities need developmental support and how that support elevates organisational capability over time along with many other rich insights not available from other competency assessment platforms.

An introduction to the Halo Feedback competency library

Evaluating your 360 degree feedback platform

Giving 360° feedback - tips for managers and coaches

E-book - the experts guide to running a 360° feedback process

Discover how Halo Grow fuels development and growth

With a 21 year pedigree in assessment technology, Halo Feedback is the global leader in enterprise competency feedback platforms.
Our modern, contemporary solution uses our clients’ individual frameworks to create a beautiful user-friendly, online, interactive experience – streamlining the feedback process and eliminating wasteful and complex paper-based reports that traditionally clog the feedback loop.

Halo Grow has been born out of a need for our clients to access a user-friendly and efficient self-service, subscription-based competency feedback solution. 

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