“We often suffer from a disconnect between the self we think we are and the self that everyone else sees. The best method for identifying strengths and weaknesses is 360° feedback.”

-Marshall Goldsmith

This guide provides a pragmatic overview of the key actions and decisions faced by organisations when implementing a 360-Degree feedback process.

The guide draws on more than 20 years’ experience and expertise working with clients and partners to implement high impact 360-Degree feedback processes.

Throughout the guide, we address common questions and share practical tips to maximise the efficiency and impact of your 360-Degree project.

Before you start planning, ask yourself the following questions:

• Is our organisation culturally ready to give feedback?
• Do we have the right level of support and sponsorship?
• Are we clear about why are we doing this?
• Do we know why 360-Degree feedback is the right tool?
• Do we know what we want to measure?
• Are we prepared to ‘invest’ in the outcomes of the 360-Degree
feedback process?

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